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“To Till it and Keep it”

“The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to till it and keep it.” – Genesis 2:15


Dear Friend in Christ,

      The Bible tells us that in the beginning God planted a garden.  Then God told the first man “to till it and keep it.”  So Adam had the twofold job of both tilling this garden to produce food for himself and also to keep the garden by taking good care of it.  God also gives us this challenge and responsibility today.  How do we both till the garden of this earth to provide for us today while also keeping the garden in good shape so that it can provide for future generations?

      Our float in the Sandwich parade this year had a very large ball depicting the earth and also the message: “This is our Father’s world.”  Yes, this is our Father’s world and not our own.  We are to use it as God would want and not to only selfishly use it for our own benefit.  We are “to till it and keep it.”  In our Vacation Bible School later this month, our children will learn ways to take good care of God’s world.  The theme will be: “RENEW – the Green VBS.”

      My father planted hundreds of trees on our farm and at our church, school, and local cemeteries.  I also like to plant trees.  It has often been said that a person who plants trees does so primarily for the next generation.  Taking good care of the earth today is how we show love for our children, grandchildren, and all future generations.  Not taking good care of the earth today would show our indifference and lack of concern for future generations.

      There are many ways to take care of God’s creation.  Some are easy and simple.  Others are difficult and complex.  It is very important that we care for God’s earth for the sake of the people who will come after us.  What can you do “to till it and keep it?”                                                     

In Christ,   Pastor Wayne